Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin
by George MacDonald

1872, 241 pp.

Rating: 4.5

This is a delightful story about eight year old Princess Irene, her great-great-great-great grandmother, and a miner boy named Curdie. Together they fight to foil the goblins' sinister schemes. Little Irene is a true princess and acts like a little lady, while Curdy is a very brave and heroic boy.

Highly recommended for all ages. I will try to read the sequel, The Princess and Curdie, sometime this year as well. I am also set to read Phantastes by MacDonald for the Fantasy Challenge. I can't wait to get to this more "adult" fantasy tale. I really enjoyed MacDonald's writing, and I am not at all surprised that he was an inspiration to both Lewis and Tolkien.


sage said...

I've read a few of McDonald's fantasies, but not this one. Thanks for the review

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Sounds like a book I may need to add to my (ever-growing) wishlist...